Last Flight

Suitably named ‘Laes Flaet’ (Last Flight) due to its location next to the airport at Bladinier Estate, this popular nakamal is renown for having high quality kava.  Owned by the charming Jean-Jacques Galinie, whose knowledge of kava is equivalent to that of a wine connoisseur, you will often find him enjoying a game of pool underneath the banyan tree and enjoying a shell that he has most likely helped squeeze. With ample seating and notoriously strong kava, Laes Flaet is the place to go if you are looking for kava that kicks straight away.

Operating hours: Monday – Saturday, 4pm until late.

Kava Island of Origin: From wherever is available, but Jean-Jacque prefers kava from Pentecost, Ambae and Malekula.


Parking: Parking spaces are available but when it’s raining, beware that the area can become extremely muddy. You will have to come in early to avoid getting a parking spot that’s on wet grass.

Seating: Makeshift huts with built-in wooden benches are spread across the front and back of the property. There is also a fire pit framed by a U-shape wooden bench. Plastic chairs are available for those who wish to make their own open air seating. Sits approximately 70 people.

Entertainment: A pool table is located underneath a natungura-thatched hut right next to the banyan tree. The popular game sees players writing their name on a board to ensure fair rounds. Petanque is also available.

Food ‘Wasem maot’: A decent selection of food is available including traditional aelan kai kai, sandwiches, chicken wings, packet chips and peanuts.

Facilities: Toilets are available for both men and women. There are two spitting areas, each with two taps. There is also another tap located near the serving area.

Featured in the Daily Post Life & Style magazine.


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